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I got tagged in a post, but I’m on my phone and can’t really tag people. But I love answering questions. Thanks, Amber/notall-those-who-wander-are-lost. <3

My questions are:

Coke or Pepsi?

  • Coke. 100% Coke. But only Classic Coke because diet Coke tastes like garbage.

If you had to completely genderswap any TV show or film what would you genderswap?

  • I would want to genderswap Supernatural, but only for one episode.

Destiel or Sabriel?

  • DESTIEL. (But I am warming up to Sabriel for sure. But Destiel is the equivalent to breathing for me. So. Yeah.)

Your answer to the question above and choose between that and Johnlock.

  • Still Destiel. But Johnlock is my #3 biggest ship. #2 is Howince (Mighty Boosh).

If you had to change any part of yourself what would you choose?

  • I wouldn’t change anything…well…maybe I’d want blue eyes insteal of hazel eyes.

ANy weird memories?

  • One time, while trying to find a bag of weed, I saw a guy rubbing his nipples in his car in the parking lot of a local grocery store. That whole night was pretty bizarre. Haha.

Funny memories with friends?

  • Any night around a campfire at my friend’s house, with her parents, is always the most entertaining thing ever. :)

Weird fetishes?

  • Not really. My fetishes are kind of mainstream. Unless handcuffs are bizarre. Because I LOVE handcuffs.

Weird foods that you like eating?

  • Honestly, I’ll try anything once, provided it doesn’t have celery, peppers or pineapples in it.

 Johnlock or Sheriarty?

  • Johnlock all the way.       

You have to delete one celebrity that you like, who is it you delete from the world?

  • It’s a three-way tie between Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and all of One Direction. (I don’t hate on their fans, but I personally abhor all of them.)

I’m absolutely disgusted at the Misha Collins fans harassing William Shatner on twitter. Those two like to mess with each other and people need to stop taking their playful banter so seriously. Do you realize you’re making the minions look like twats?

I’m not taking sides because I’m a fan of both of them, but I’m really disappointed that people are blowing this way out of proportion.

Rant over.

Yay! Someone granted me the gisholarship I needed! Now I can do GISHWHES!! I’m so pumped! Now to figure out how to join my team…I have one, just a matter of figuring out technology. :3

Soooooo excited to finally be a part of this!

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