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Yay! Someone granted me the gisholarship I needed! Now I can do GISHWHES!! I’m so pumped! Now to figure out how to join my team…I have one, just a matter of figuring out technology. :3

Soooooo excited to finally be a part of this!


Goodbye for at least a couple of weeks. I might check tumblr for messages but I’ve decided to crack down and finish my Fast Times series.

Like Destiel AU fics? Check it out:

Heeeey. Long time no update. Just wanted to give the official word that my Fast Times series is officially on hiatus. I’m going to be super busy for the next month and won’t have time to type up chapters. So sorry to everyone reading, but this hiatus was unavoidable. (Though, if I keep getting all the kind messages, comments and kudos I have been getting, it might motivate me to make the time to post chapters.)

But yeah, sorry for the absence, guys. I promise I’ll keep you posted with the project I’m busy with. Its gonna be huge. :)

So, I know a small handful of you are reading my “Fast Times” Destiel series ( …and there’s a chance I might bin it. I don’t know. I’m kind of having a mental breakdown and reading stuff I’ve written was a horrible idea because now I’m crying because my dream is to be a writer and I’ll never be good enough. I love my series but I don’t know. Just. Blah. I’m leaving now.

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